Sunday, 22 November 2009

Interested in the fashion industry?

If your one of those girls (or guys) who live for fashion and couldn't be more interested, then this is THE post for you. When your young you dream, some dream about becoming doctors,lawyers or dentists. But we dream of fashion,glamour and adventure. Enter internship: if your serious about this profession, then now is the time to start thinking what exactly it is you want to do, it could be fashion marketing - picking out the demographic of people who you are trying to sell the clothing, and deciding how it should be presented. Or an editor, such as fashion or beauty, or pure journalism, writing articles about what you find inspiring. I myself have been researching for a while and I have to admit it took me a while to decide the right career path, but all you need it motivation to work, and you can get anywhere you want in life. It will be hard work but it'll all be worth it. If your not sure, here are some guidelines:
A teen vogue article of a week long internship
How to become an intern
Fashion Journalism Course (London College of Fashion)
Finding the right course (international)


  1. it would be so amazing to be a fashion intern! :D

  2. Yah! I agree, I hope oneday to become one..