Monday, 16 November 2009

Cosmo Comp!

Yey! I won a competition - finally. I enter about 100 a month! So, thankfully I won something, when the box arrived I was soo happy, at first I thought it would be something I ordered, my mum said oh god did you buy more shoes?!
lol. I dont remember entering this one, but probably because the end date is ages after you enter. Onto what I got:
its all from rituals, an upscale body products brand.
Shower Paste,Body clay, foot exfoliator,body lotion, bath salts, incense and an incense burner with instructions! So far I've only tried 3 things, which I like and when I try them all I'll let you know.
P.S I gave 2 things to my mum as a gift so if I ask her I can try it later.

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