Tuesday, 13 October 2009

That's Foxxy.

This article is mainly going to be about Megan Fox, but I will talk about some other people who I admire! :)
First of, I picked Megan because she always has flawless makeup and hair. And her wardrobe doesn't hurt either! I know this picture doesn't reflect her own style, but she's so gorgeous it's hard to pick a picture! I love that she always has a classic, put together look. Her hair is usually styled in cascading waves or 1940's style curls. Personally, I prefer the curls, because I'm much more inspired by the 1940's style period. What do you think?
Now, onto my next style idol.
- Marylin Monroe, she was such an iconic figure, every blog that I visit, and nowadays a lot of shops, have a tribute of some form for her. I love all her quotes, my favourite would be: ''If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never have got anywhere.'' This is the kind of quote I would want to have for myself. Another reason to love this sex symbol, is because she gave blondes' a good name. ;) The best film (I think) would have to be Some like it Hot or How to marry a millionaire. Their all classics, and a lot of media nowadays is based on her roles. She also represents an all time classic ''Hollywood Glamour Girl'' - voluptuous curves, pouty lips a hint of mystery. She lived and died like a star. R.I.P - August 6th, 1962.

I chose these two starlets, because they have a link with each other, believe it or not.
Megan Fox has a somewhat fascination with Marilyn, and even has a tattoo of her. This is just another interest I share with her, and why I consider her a symbol for our time.


  1. I love Marilyn Monroe!!! And I bet she ate ice cream ;) ..and yet sexy! :D

  2. I love Marilyn!!!! Not too keen on Megan, but only because of the Media attention she has been receiving lately! I can be persuaded quite easily:) x

  3. Ha! yeah - i agree, if people give attention to a star too much i start to not like them!

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