Saturday, 10 October 2009

Outfit of the day

I,decided to dress up today, I thought this pose was the best, it's kind of gossip girl inspired and you see the garments better now. I'm pretty tall so otherwise you cant fit my whole body in the frame!
Dress: Zara
Belt: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Primark
I also had a necklace which is the next picture. It's from a cute boutique called Cushh. It costs £7. You can also see the flowery stitching on my dress, which why I like it. If a dress is plain I like it to at least have some embellishment.


  1. lol that you can't fit into the frame!
    I like the colour of the shoes :) xx

  2. Lol the belt is upside down but <3 where did you get it from? obviously Louis Vuitton but where?

  3. no its not, i just moved it the other way because the buckle kind of ruined the dress, and i got it from a friend

  4. Looks stunning! Love the dress! And the mini wedges :)

  5. thanks hun :)


    P.S - Ola I did that for a gossip girl effect, I don't like showing my face for every ootd pic!