Wednesday, 28 October 2009

It's a Fashion Revolution!

So, today I went to the exhibition in Somerset House about 'fashion revolution'. I have to say I was pretty dissapointed, there were some things I liked, but most of it wasnt for my taste. I wouldnt discourage anyone from going, because maybe it IS for your liking. Its on unti; 20 december, so you can still catch it if your in London. The first picture is the booklet you get when you go inside, which I have to say, scared me a bit! The second picture is me inside the mirror room, which is on your way in. (My mummy is in it). And the last picture is pretty much self explenatory. So I would have to say my favourite bit was the casting and calls. Casting is basically where you audition to model for an unpcoming exhibition, and then all the videos are put up online! So I'm up on the website ;P The calls are calls recorded made by models from specific events, such as Lily Donaldson for a Louis Vuitton show. There's also a HAWT model sitting in the Live exhibit, who takes live calls!

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